In Catsopolis, everyone read the Daily Mews- Litter. It has all the mews, of course, thanks to its great reporters like Wolfcat Spitzer and editor Randy Purrrrrrst. Every lowly intern, whose most important assignment was going out to get coffee for the really important reporters, hoped to someday be a big, important reporter like Wolfcat Spitzer.

The newest intern was no exception. He was a young cat, not much more than a kitten. But he wanted so much to be a good reporter. He'd prove himself someday, he knew he would.

That day came sooner that he thought. The reporters sent him on one of those coffee runs. On the way back, he was juggling six cups in a cardboard box but still he saw something that made his back fur stand up and his tail fluff. In front of the local branch of the Catsopolis Bank, two big mean-looking toms with stocking masks over their faces were backing out of the bank. Each carried a cloth bag in one hand and a gun in the other. The young intern guessed those cloth bags were filled with stolen money, and he froze, motionless, against a building lest the robbers notice him. But who could they be, he wondered? They obviously weren't part of the city's major crime family, the Muttfia, all of whom were dogs.

Was it true, there was a cat crime underground? The intern had heard whispers of The Catleone Family, but dismissed it as fantasy. Cats preying on each other? Unbelievable.

The two burly toms jumped into a waiting car which had the engine running and another tough-looking cat at the wheel. As the car sped away, the intern growled with frustration. The police would never get there in time to catch these robbers. If only he could catch them. What a story that would be! It would give his career a great pouncing start. But howw could he catch them? Only if he could he wished he could fly...and then, suddenly, he was looking down at the street, far below, as the coffee cups fell out of the cardboard tray and landed, fortunately and harmlessly, on the top of a building.

The intern couldn't believe it. He was flying! He flew over the fleeing getaway car until it zipped into a garage in the warehouse section of town. Dipping down quickly to see the signpost at the nearest corner, the intern flew another block or two until he saw a street telephone. He landed quickly in front of it, called the police and told them where the robbers were. In just a few minutes, the police arrived, rushed the building and surprised the robbers, who had no idea anyone knew where they were.

They were a bit dazed when, during their arrest, they were quickly but efficiently interviewed by some young intern from the Daily Mews-Litter. The police helpfully supplied their side of the story, and a photographer later ran down to the jail to snap a few shots of the newly unmasked Catleone Crime Family.

As to the young intern, his story ran big on page one. But it was only the first such story to make a famous byline for the previously unknown name of a former intern, now the fullfledged Reporter Clark Kat.


This story is taken from a book, "Cats Rule the World...?" available HERE

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